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8 Weeks Online Entrepreneurship Series Launch in India

Our Goal

"Empowering Future Entrepreneurs in India"
Discovering and developing tomorrow's entrepreneurs is the foundation of our new course. Providing the best resources and support to guide them on their journey to building successful businesses.

8-Weeks Entrepreneurship Series

  • One hour Class per week.

  • The program will run from March 29th to May 17th

  • Each class will be from 5 pm to 6 pm IST.

  • We start with 60 students.

  • We go from a classroom to a business plan ready to launch in the market.

  • The winner gets $1,000 from MoAloo Ventures to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Course Schedule

  • Week 1, March 29th -

    • What is Entrepreneurship?: Understand entrepreneurship. The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Craft compelling narratives to captivate stakeholders in mere moments.

  • Week 2, April 5th -

    • Idea Generation and Validation: Sources of Innovative Ideas: Identifying pain points and market gaps.

  • Week 3, April 12th -

    • Business Planning and Strategy: Crafting a Business Plan: Elements and Structure.

  • Week 4, April 19th -

    • Financing Your Venture: The Basics of Bootstrapping: Funding the business yourself.

  • Week 5, April 26th -

    • Marketing for Startups: Fundamentals of Marketing, The 4 P's.

  • Week 6, May 3rd -

    • Sales & Customer Acquisition: Fundamentals of Sales Strategies

  • Week 7, May 10th -

    • Understanding the art of pitching.

  • Week 8, May 17th -

    • Final Presentation.

*Note - The program will run from March 29th to May 17th. Each class will be from 5 pm to 6 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)


The cost to participate is $100.

Thanks for registering!

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